Dear Colleagues,

Cardiac Signals will explore new ways to approach the science of electrophysiology.

This is needed as our field is complex, broad and fascinating. It requires medical expertise and training, but is not limited to these aspects. With the endeavor of reaching excellence, our community has to explore some of the basics of cardiac signals, imaging, physics…

This will be achieved at “Cardiac Signals”, by having experts in EP, imaging, basic science, physics, engineering, artificial intelligence etc… interacting with EP doctors. Understanding how RF and Cryo works is key to make us better practitioners. But we also want to explore future energies, technologies and strategies, to maintain and hopefully increase the extraordinary pace of innovation in cardiac arrhythmia management.

“Cardiac signals” will favor an original approach of in-depth analysis of relevant clinical and technical issues, as well as new technologies and unmet needs.

This meeting will be a unique opportunity to have in depth discussions on important and often ignored aspects of electrophysiology. And this COVID situation has been way too long, preventing real meetings and direct interaction!

The meeting will be held annually at LIRYC and will be limited to a total of 100 participants. Do not hesitate to register early !

The organisation committee